a messy and disorganized kitchen junk drawer filled with glue, tape, calculator, pictures, and moreMost households have one. My family’s home always did. It’s a kitchen drawer in which all the odds and ends are kept, and most often forgotten. The drawer typically isn’t larger than any of the others but it sure holds a lot of stuff. In it goes scissors, balls of string, screwdrivers, flashlights, batteries, needle-nose pliers, receipts, notes, rubber bands, paper clips, jackknives, ceramic paper weights… you name it. If there isn’t a specific place for it anywhere else, it goes into that kitchen drawer. Far more whatchamacallits and thingamajigs go into the drawer than ever come out. The drawer serves as a repository for whatever we aren’t willing to part with yet. Or, seen another way, it’s a treasure box of things that hold no claim to usefulness at present but just might come in handy someday. If something should break, the Super Glue or little nails are in there somewhere. If we should need some Scotch Tape or string, it’s in there someplace. And, if the IRS should ever happen to question our tax deductions, the receipts are crammed in there as well.

There’s a “kitchen drawer” within each of us. And it’s chock full of wisdom and experience. We have the necessary stuff somewhere in the kitchen drawers of our minds to see things from other perspectives, solve problems, overcome challenges and envision possibilities. Yet sometimes we forget what’s in our kitchen drawers. Sometimes we forget that they even exist within us. That’s when it’s good to look to those who are professionally equipped with the training and experience to help us rummage around in our kitchen drawers as internal resources for self-discovery and the determining of our own direction.

Coaches, whatever their specialty, encourage their clients to open up that bottomless drawer and look within themselves. Then they’re there to help sort out the useful stuff, such as authentic desires and aspirations, from the clutter of fears and apprehensions. They’re there to assist with untangling the knots from the string of their clients’ own intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness.

Are you struggling with some aspect of your career or leadership development? Are you feeling stuck? The bottle of “Goo Gone” is in your kitchen drawer somewhere.

And there’s a coach ready to help you find it.