Get in touch with what you really want in life,

and then get there

with a five-step discernment process

(God-centered decision coaching)

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Life Transition Coaching

Whether you are facing an important decision or just want clarity about the direction of your life, I am here to help you get in touch with what you desire most in life, and then get there through a proven, five-step decision coaching (discernment) process. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to whatever it is that you are most passionate about and really love. 

What can you expect from life transition coaching?

  • Help with making an important decision or change in your life.
  • Clarity about your desires and goals.
  • Identifying actions and next steps.
  • Discovering what is holding you back.
  • Accountability for the achievement of your important goals.
  • Questions from your coach that lead to insights and fresh perspectives.
  • Encouragement and support. 

What are the consequences if you DON’T make the decision or gain a better sense of direction for your life?

Here are a few of the things clients have told me: 

  • I will not be able to clearly move in a direction, do good work, and help others.
  • I’ll continue to have wishful thinking about centering my life around God, but I’ll be out of integrity when it comes to aligning my actions around this commitment. 
  • I will continue to feel stressed, confused, disappointed, empty.
  • More time will pass and I won’t accomplish what I really want to do.
  • Feeling that I have wasted the opportunities and gifts I have been given.
  • A life that is tepid and full of regrets about things not tried.
  • I would live without peace.
  • I will have to give up my dreams.
  • I will lose the momentum to move forward. 

Many of my clients are at a threshold in their lives. That might mean marriage, adoption, religious vocation, second career, retirement, or something else. My clients seek to do God’s will. Yet they are struggling to find the way forward. They fear making a mistake. Even more, they fear that, what they really want, what they most desire, is unobtainable at this point in their lives. They are asking themselves, “Should I just persist or can I really live my dreams?” 

Does this sound anything like you? Let’s talk about what you want most in life, what may be holding you back, and what it will take for you to move ahead with momentum, clarity and confidence. Let’s talk!

Spiritual Direction

You may have some deep, persistent desires that you want to talk about and sort through. You might want to discern a direction for your life that is in harmony with God’s desire for you. You might want to share your experiences and encounters with God. You may want help in getting your prayer back on track. 

Whatever your motivation in exploring spiritual direction, I would like to be your trusted confidant. With me, you can talk about your spiritual life, including the struggles, without having to censor your thoughts or choose your words carefully. I am here to listen, to offer guidance, support, and gentle challenge and, above all, to help you deepen your relationship with God through prayer and discernment. 

What are you hoping for from spiritual direction? 

Here are a few of the things clients have told me: 

  • I want to recognize and appreciate God in all the ways that God shows up.
  • I am trying to be aware of God’s presence in the blessings and struggles of my life.
  • Talking about my life, prayer and relationship with God.
  • I want to notice God’s action in my daily life.
  • I want to discover greater meaning and purpose in my life.
  • Finding within myself my own answers to deep questions.
  • Discerning a direction for my life that is in harmony with God’s will.
  • I’m wrestling with feeling abandoned or disregarded by the Lord.
  • I am at a crossroads in my life in regard to my purpose in God’s Kingdom.
  • I desire to surrender to God in the second half of my life.
  • I want to change my daily routine to include a consistent prayer time.

The Discernment Process

God-Centered Decision Making

In this FREE, 20-minute exploratory call you’ll learn how coaching or spiritual direction can help you achieve your goals faster and with greater confidence. Before our call, you’ll receive thought-provoking questions that serve as the basis for our conversation. Many find that this alone helps them make significant progress.

By the end of the call you’ll have a good idea if coaching, spiritual direction, or perhaps a privately-directed retreat is right for you. If so, you’ve already taken the first step!

This self-paced, five-step guide will help you navigate through the maze of conflicting desires to make choices that are right for you.

Making Decisions that Matter is my free gift to you!

How do I know if I’m spiritually healthy? How can I identify areas of spiritual health and wellness?

In response to these kinds of questions, I’ve developed this spiritual self-assessment.  If it sounds like something you might be interested in, take a look!

What Clients are Saying

"Being an entrepreneur, I often confront uncertainty. What path should I take?  What amount of effort and resources should I expend? I needed a personal coach and decision making methodology to guide me through some tough decisions. I chose Luke, not only because of his experience in professional coaching, but also because of his grounding in Ignatian discernment and spirituality which offers over 450 years of history in leading people to make informed decisions based on their most authentic desires. Luke’s processes and guidance helped me to focus my efforts and gave me great confidence in the choices I made."

Tom McGuigan, Chicago, Illinois

"I needed someone to be objectively invested in my personal and professional development, who understood my values and would hold me accountable to them during a time of transition.  Even though I was working diligently on achieving my goals, I didn't have the confidence to attain them on my own.  Then a friend suggested that I contact Luke. Immediately I sensed Luke's integrity and spirituality. I knew he could be trusted. When I read his biography, I saw that he also has the professional credentials that are important. Luke truly cares. He helped me to attain my goals and launch a new career that is providing a quality of life I had only dreamed of."

Deborah Keefe, MSW Educator/Speaker/Consultant - Music as a Therapeutic Intervention in Healthcare

"I was trying to discern what I would like to be doing post-retirement, and had somehow managed to turn my retirement into a career crisis. Did I want to directly leverage my corporate career, or try something completely different? How to choose from several possible paths? Weighty stuff, this, and too important to go it alone. I wanted someone to bounce ideas off, and to challenge my thinking. 

I really enjoyed the quick rapport I had with Luke. His approachable, empathic personality drew me out, and his questions were both supportive and challenging. I also found that preparing for our calls helped me organize my thinking in ways not possible when I had been trying to do this on my own. As a result of decision coaching I have embarked on a new career, one that affords the opportunity to counsel people one-on-one, which is enormously satisfying at this stage in my life

Garrett Adie, Independent Financial Advisor, New Hampshire

"It was as the Director of Talent Development Programs for one of the largest Catholic health systems that I came to know and appreciate Luke Larson’s giftedness as a coach. Luke coached dozens of our high potential CEOs, vice presidents and directors across the system, always within the framework of our mission and values. Without exception, they lauded Luke’s remarkable ability to get them to see things from other perspectives. Whether you are seeking coaching or spiritual direction, I highly recommend Luke Larson."

Carolyn Foss - MBA, MCA, ACC
Executive Director at The Physician Leadership Institute™ Center for Transformation and Innovation

"I've been consistently impressed with Luke's gentle and intuitive style, and how he very quickly generates trust in his client relationships. Luke reminds me of a master artist or professional athlete with whom you can watch them at their craft, and it seems so fluid and easy, all the while knowing the discipline and skill behind the practice. As has been Luke's life, he lives a spiritual practice and brings that strength with him in his work, so that lives, spirits, and hearts are touched and emerge far better for having known and worked with him."

Joy Goldman - RN, MS, PCC, CPC
Healthcare Executive and Physician Leadership Coach

"I absolutely loved the Lenten Retreat. I felt that God had guided you to write this retreat specifically for me. It took me into the desert and blessed me with great spiritual growth and insight. I appreciate the extra week (Holy Week), which gave me extra time to “hear” what God wanted to say to me. Thank you, once again, Mr. Larson, for sharing your gifts!"

Retreatant in Missoula, Montana